These are some of the dangerous substances that are in the car’s smoke

Motor vehicle smoke is certainly not a good thing for one’s health and breathing. For that, the electric scooter will help you in reducing the smoke of vehicles that are very disturbing breathing. That way, there will be many people you can help with their breathing. You will also feel more efficient because the electric scooter makes you no longer need to buy fuel that is very expensive and spend a lot of money.

Smoke vehicles are known to be bad for health because they contain some harmful substances. Some of the substances present in vehicle fumes and health hazards are

1. Carbon monoxide
This substance has toxic properties and can cause pain in the eyes, respiratory tract and lung cancer as well. When this substance enters the blood through the respiratory tract, then carbon monoxide will react with hemoglobin in the blood which will then form Karboksihemoglobin (COHb).

2. Carbon Dioxide
These substances include greenhouse gases, so if there is an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the air can cause an increase in surface temperature of the earth.

3. Nitrogen oxide (NOx)
This substance can react with other pollutant substances and then will cause the smoke fog phenomenon (smog). Smog can lead to reduced visibility, irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

4. Sulfur oxides
When these substances enter through the respiratory tract, then this substance will work with water in the respiratory tract which will then form sulfuric acid that can damage the tissue and cause pain. Sulfur oxides can also dissolve in rainwater which can then lead to acid rain.

Motor vehicle fumes can lead to various diseases. Among the diseases that can arise from motor vehicle fumes are Bronchitis (Laryngitis), Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Stomach Cancer and many other dangerous diseases. So cutting it down is the right thing to do.