The Oldest Golf Course in the World

For those of you who at least have played golf even if only through video games, you know at least what the golf course layout looks like. The uniqueness of the different designs, topography, and sizes that each golf course has is unique in that it is a great value for this golf sport. If you plan to choose the golf course for your playing, why don’t you visit

No doubt Scotland is called the Country of Birth of Golf. According to the literature, the word golf itself comes from the Scottish language, the word ‘kolf’ which means ‘stick or bat’. In addition, the first written rules governing golf, the official golf tournament, and the first permanent golf course and having the first 18 holes also come from Scotland. Especially who can refute this fact? The first golf course in Scotland was named The Old Links. Located in Musselburgh Racecourse, The Old Links won the title as the oldest golf course in the world.