The Myth of Cancer Prevention That Turns A Big Mistake

Cancer is a chronic disease that is deadly. Therefore, cancer should be prevented as early as possible. There are many suppositions should not be this and should not be it to prevent cancer. In fact, not all people’s assumptions are true. Visit our website and discover hope4cancer reviews to find out the right thing about cancer. This is a myth about cancer prevention that you need to understand so as not to be mistaken.

1. Artificial sugar can cause cancer

Is it true that artificial sweeteners can cause cancer? No. The researchers have tested the safety of artificial sweetener (sugar substitute) saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, sucralose, neotame, and acesulfame-K. The result, the experts found no evidence that artificial sugar can cause cancer in humans. All of these artificial sweeteners except cyclamate, have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, drug and food regulatory agencies in the United States.

2. HP radiation can cause cancer

Cancer prevention by staying away from smartphones or mobile phones (HP) is not a good fact. This does not match the facts. Cancer is caused by a genetic mutation. Genetic mutations can be affected by several conditions, including radiation. However, the radiation from the smartphone’s energy frequency is low so it will not cause genetic damage.

3. Herbal products can cure cancer

This assumption also includes myth. Although some studies show that alternative therapies with some herbal products can overcome the side effects of cancer treatment, no herbal products are proven effective for treating cancer. In fact, some herbal products are actually harmful when consumed during chemotherapy or radiation therapy because it can interfere with or inhibit the workings of cancer treatment that you are living.

4. Oral health has nothing to do with cancer

It’s a big mistake. People with severe gum disease have a 24 percent higher risk of getting cancer than people with mild gum disease. Why is dental health related to cancer? One of them because gum disease can cause inflammation in the mouth that can spread to other body parts. Certain bacteria in the mouth can also trigger cancer. So, cleaning your teeth every day and checking your teeth to your doctor regularly is an important step in cancer prevention.