Shooting Tips While Hunting Moose

There are several possible position variations to fire accurately, and a good moose hunter should familiarize himself with all of those positions. Practice with the position in a safe place with a blank weapon before you go hunting. Join the Best moose hunts in BC Canada to meet people who share your hobbies and talk about hunting.

Moose hunting is usually done one full day, you can not do it in a hurry. Find a good place and sit while you’re hunting, and wait. Moose are more likely to come to a quiet and quiet area, so do not make a sound. Waiting for the moose is part of the sensation of hunting.

Wait until the moose is seen from the side. If you see a moose, do not shoot right away. Use the binoculars to see the moose signs that are heading towards you and wait until one of them positioned itself so that you get the most suitable firing position. This is the most critical moment in the hunt, and you do not rush.

While you wait for the moose to lead you, take a position and set up your rifle and take aim, aim your eyes at the rifle. Usually, people shoot the area behind the moose’s shoulder, but some argue otherwise. Here are some shooting areas and their advantages and disadvantages:

– Behind the front foot, 12-18 cm from the chest is the most common target of firing. This shot will pierce the heart and lungs, although usually the moose does not collapse immediately after being shot, and can sometimes get up again, which means you may have to look for his tracks.

– Head, penetrate the brain, can kill instantly, and very little meat part that can not be taken by a shot. Usually, people will target the area behind the eyes, which is generally quite difficult to do and most likely will miss. This shoot also does not allow us to make moose if you want to take the horn or the whole head.

– The neck, through the spine, is another commonly used and deadly target, point the area behind the jaw when the moose position sideways toward you. This shot is usually crippled moose, you have to shoot him again or cut his neck to kill him, so many people do not like it.