Recognize the Problem of Using Light Steel Roof

At first discovered, lightweight steel roofs are usually used in large buildings. However, now lightweight steel roofs are widely used in residential homes. The reason is that the wood material as a framework of the roof began to expensive and the quality is no longer good. The weakness of lightweight steel roofs lies not in the material itself but on its human resources. Common mistakes include installing a skewed frame. If the holder is tilted, the pressure strength on the steel becomes less balanced. In the long run, this problem can affect the construction so that the roof can collapse. In addition, it is the installation technique. Installation of lightweight steel roof is a system consisting of several elements that influence each other. Instead, create working drawings and load strength calculations before steel installation. Usually, the installation of steel is handed over to people who have a special certificate because the calculation using a 3D system. Do not worry to do roof repair because lightweight steel roof is very easy to repair, you just need the steps that out.

Steel is known as anti-rust material as long as its anti-rust coating is not lost. The cause of the loss of this anti-rust coating is accidental when installing the tile. Therefore, do the tile installation carefully to avoid collisions with steel. Mountainous areas and beaches have a major effect on the life of steel roof usage. Steel roofs used in mountain areas can last up to 20 years. While the steel roof used in coastal areas only lasted up to 10 years due to high mortality rate due to salty sea water. Many people are more interested in choosing materials that are cheaper but never take into account the quality, this is also a very fatal mistake, do not ever forget if the roof position is at the top. If the material used is not guaranteed quality, not only the risk of damage and not a durable course that will appear. But also the safety of people in the home can be an unbalanced bet. Another thing that is also often overlooked is a burden that is too heavy and excessive. People often forget that roof construction should also bear the heavy burden of some elements that are in space. For example, chandelier, heating machine or any object that weight is quite heavy and rely on the strength of the roof truss. Do not underestimate this problem because the result also makes the roof collapse if not strongly bear the burden.

Steel has anti-corrosion advantages but notes if the anti-rust layer is not lost one of the main causes of the loss of this anti-rust coating is that it peels especially when the roof is installed, therefore roof installation should be able to avoid the impact on the steel frame. This too frequent collision that causes the anti-rust layer is lost. Needs to be based also, the areas that are in the mountains and beaches have a considerable influence on the use of steel roof. Because this is related to the level of corruption that comes from the influence of seawater, then when the rainy season has come, it is not unusual if there are some parts of the roof that leaks. If this happens should be dealt with as soon as possible, because although it has been given anti-rust coating, if continuously exposed to water spray steel can still be damaged or rusty.