How to feel the maximum “coldness” of your AC

If you think that your AC isn’t as cold as it’s used to, then aside from refilling its freon, you should also try some other tricks as well. Although you can always hire a trusted air conditioning service to check up on your AC, you may also want to know the ways that can make yourself feel more cold air from the AC in your room.

Wash before you enter a fully air-conditioned room

If it’s a really hot day, and you really want to feel like you’re in the mountains with cold temperature, then taking a bath or simply wash your face and hands before entering a room with an AC on can be a nice idea. Just don’t forget to set it to the coldest temperature setting.

Make sure that you’ve closed any air circulation from within and outside the room

This allows you to preserve the cold temperature for a longer time, even though if the AC has been turned off quite a while ago.

Turning on a fan in that room

It’s true that this trick can be quite heavy on your electric bill, but if you try it during a very hot day, it may worth the power bill as long as you don’t do this excessively.