Here are two interesting and unique decorations that you can use in Photo Booth

To make a photo booth look festive, there are indeed many decorations and fixtures you should use. However, you also need to pay attention to the services of the photo booth vendor. One of the photo booth vendors you can use is sewa photobooth jakarta.

In addition to the equipment from the photo booth vendor you use, you can add some interesting decorations, such as

1. Door
The door can be a unique photo booth decoration. In fact, this decoration you can use in any theme. Guests who attend your party will not miss the opportunity to take a photo in front of a unique door decoration that looks vintage. You just need to add the image property there.

2. Balloon
You can use balloons with many colors to be used as lively photo booths. You only need to make a balloon on the wall so that it can create a cheerful impression on the photo booth. Make sure the color you choose is a cheerful and interesting color.