5 Easy ways of writing articles for SEO

Currently, SEO articles become the most powerful solution to increase traffic to a website. No wonder if many website owners who then try to create SEO friendly website content. However, making articles like this is not an easy matter. Not everyone can make it. On the other hand, check out the Charles Brian International SEO service if you want to improve the quality of your SEO campaign.

Well, if you want to create SEO articles, here are some easy ways:

Prioritize User Experience

When writing SEO articles, someone will be faced with a dilemma. Creating articles that are SEO friendly, so easy to find the user because it is perched on the first page of Google, but not comfortable readers. Or, make the article very comfortable to read, but do not heed the rules of SEO at all so difficult to find the user. Well, from these two options, choose a priority user experience.

Doing Keyword Research

To be able to get the right keywords, you must do research on some keywords that are often used by the user. The longer the keyword is used, the larger the targeted user enters. Choose keywords that are easy, the keywords that contain predicate as well as a fairly clear explanation. For example, selling shoes in Depok.

Playing Keywords on Article Title

The title is the first part of an article that Google will read. Therefore, entering the keyword in the title of the article becomes a necessity. However, even if using keywords, try to create a unique title and comfortable to read. That way, users will feel interested to read more in your article.

Writing Qualified Articles

The quality articles here are original, long, and definitely deep articles. Provide information as complete as possible, so that users feel badly need the articles you create. Creating an interesting title that is not supported by quality content, your website will be abandoned by users. To further maximize your content, you can include interesting images in it, according to the topic being discussed.

Take advantage of Internal Link

With the internal links, users will feel at home to read all the articles on your website. However, in this case, you must be good at creating related links so as not to disturb the readers.